By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2014 Sep 27
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You may never know this, you might never discover the truth behind it all. You do not realise the importance of these little daily talks..and as insignificant as they appear to be to you, but for me they have meant the world.
You bring back the feeling of home and who doesn't love home?
It feels as though I have been estranged for so long that I no longer know where I belong.
But you, you remind me of a happy childhood, of a pure heart, of a genuine smile and that is a feeling I missed for some time now.
You brought out the little girl in me, the one so eager to love the world again like she's never been hurt before. The ability to make people feel this way after they've died a thousand times is extraordinarily my friend. You are uniquely outstanding and amazing. Never change the fire in your heart for a cold breeze.