By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2014 Oct 22
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I want to remember you
as you are now
naked and supine
on my bed
with your fiery smile
igniting the air
that connects your lips
to my lungs.
with your breasts
and your hips
vulnerable, wanting, longing
for my calloused fingers
to come.
And your body
trembling, shaking, exploding
under the guide of my tongue
(in you I taste God)

I want to forget
what I can't forget,
bring pure lunacy
into my insufferable arms
once more.

I want to know you forever
as you are now
where I witness you
singing songs unknowingly with your words
and yet it's all so mundane
and quotidian,
this miracle of you.

I just want to see
only what I want to see:
your mind
and serene
as it is in the light of this morning.
I only want to remember
sitting here
comfortable in the nakedness
of your body
and mind
before me
(Nothing here
but complete and utter openness,
truth laid open for me
to breathe in
without thinking
for once)

You say it seems so natural
that it's all so easy
to be here
with me.
You say that you miss me
(I have missed you)
but, little angel, you never understood
what it was exactly that you missed
in me
until it was too late.

I want to remember you
as you are now
here in my arms
with your skin
calling out to my skin
and my skin
calling out to yours.
I want to remember you
the way we are resting
so obliviously now
in this bed,
bodies placidly entwined.

I don't want to remember you
any other way
than the way that you are now
in this moment
with me
where things are simple
and perfect.
(but for the last time
I'm telling you that
are my