By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2014 Oct 22
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Purified And Concrete

There are no fairy tale loves
It's just a projection of our desires
Onto surreptitious hells
Where Dante
Sits with arms folded
And hysterical laughter
Threatening to explode
From his well fed belly
while Eros hangs by his neck
from the ceiling.

And I have memories
Of putting my soul
Into your bosom
And listening
To the crickets outside
Until the lights of the stars
And your secret smile
Were the only things
Dazzling my thoughts
(The moments with you
seemed perfect).

There has been almost nothing
That has been able to pierce
The inadequacy and gracelessness
That surrounded me
Until you determinedly took
My light
And set it ablaze.
But now you have stepped away from me
You've lost yourself
In the cracks of desire
While letting understanding sleep,
In time.

There ain't no
that's ever been this hard