By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2014 Oct 22
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Discarding (Rain And Fire)

You will never know
the sorrow
that I am now
because of you.
You will never be able to feel
and, so,
you will never know me.
for without knowledge
of this sorrow
you will not know
its antithesis,
you will only know of
a shimmering reflection
of what I am.
(Knowing that you will never know
only brings yet more sorrow
and sympathy
for your tired bones)

Because though there was silence
I understood you
or at least I thought I did
until that summer day
of rain and fire.
And I was a fire
that burned for you.
I was the proverbial wave
about to crest.
I was loyalty
staring at the sunrise
I was the stars in the sky
waiting to be plucked
by your soft fingers.
I was the Muse
of all you could ever be,
the silent forcefulness
that would have driven you to You.
I was a heart,
so long in the shadows,
so ready to overflow
and burst forth
all over your soul.
I was a miraculous desire
that sought the soul
that rested somewhere beyond
your body.
I was devotion
manifested in a body
of atoms dancing randomly about
collected into this body
whose purpose was you
(but you threw that all away,
you threw


You never understood me,
if you did
you would not have

and you never really loved me
if you did
you would not have left
so easily.