By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2014 Oct 22
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I haunt the memories of us
and hope to see yesterday's you
before I fall asleep
and say goodbye.

and then you fade
and grace
the empty nothingness
of space
with your presence
while I find my way
to the sun.
and it's all so easily forgettable
when you give the blackness
a form.
it's all so easy
to bury
when one has buried the unknowns
next to every misunderstanding.
(it's so deceptively simple
to find
that I can't help
but wonder
what it was
that took me so long to get

And I smile,
because I know
that there is no one
that has ever felt like I did for you before,
and there is no one that feels the way I do
about you