By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2014 Oct 23
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A Gift For You

We meet
for the first time in months
at a concert
and the music deafens us
with its beauty,
with its forcefulness.
And after
you drive me home
I offer my bed

You arise and follow
And we talk for a while
in the night
before I undress you
and make you remember
that I am the drug,
I know how
to get you

I bring you into the white
on the couch
and then
in the shower
I make you clean
and show your lips
what passion is
when it rises
like fire from the sun.

I dry off your skin,
soft like a gentle spring wind
against the feathers of a goddess's wings,
and I kiss your neck
as I take you to my bed
and I open you up,
I bring the extents of ecstasy
and close them in
towards your altar
of love.

I devour your body
with my fingers
and arms
and take you hard
with my hips
and my tongue.
You go trembling
into the white
and I am satisfied
by bringing you there.
You fall into my arms
and we stay together
talking for hours
until dawn threatens
to wake the world.

We sleep
and dream
about something worth remembering.
When we awake
there is that old gentle
and understanding way
that we used to hold each other.
Hours of caressing each other's body
and soul, but I can't stop this desire
for you,
so I find my way
through the morning light
and the blankets
to go between your legs
until you reach the peak
once more
I take you
and almost break you
with this force.
we finally emerge
from my bed and each other.
And we spend the time
having conversations
like we used to
and we naturally fall back
into the naturalness
of being near one another.
I give all of this as a gift to you
to remind you
of what you have lost.
I give it freely
and joyously,
and I become Atlas
shrugging the world
off of my shoulders.

I just wanted to leave you
with all that is good in this
that was lost.
After all the hell
I just wanted to give you
a beautiful