By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2014 Nov 11
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A Memory For A Goodbye

You can tell everything
about a person
from their kiss.
You can know
whether they should be loved,
how they should be
and how they should be held.

You can find what every desire is
by how their lips
meet yours.
You can know
the secrets
and the mysteries
will unveil themselves
in humble obedience.

In the right kiss
their is humble and sweet surrender
mixed with determination
and tenderness,
and hunger,
grace and

and that's when you open your eyes,
that's when you know
that they
are the missing piece.
You taste a warm love
on their tongue
and everything
goes quiet.

I have never loved
who didn't kiss well,
so little child,
thanks for giving me
that fire
just one