By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2014 Nov 13
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Looking For Beauty

The water moves
down the glass
in sudden bursts
and wings of a butterfly
too rapidly
to comprehend
in a memory I have
of spring.

I crawl
I awake.
I listen
to the hum of the earth
and I am brought to quiet
by its sound.

A sweeter love has never been found,
so now is the
Now is your time.

I rise,
I grasp the vicissitudes
of life
and close my eyes
before I fully understand
the timelessness of every single moment
leading up to Death.

I grow.
I move,
I stretch out
I envelop
the coming moments.
Each one I make rise
and stand firmly
until they fly
like fireflies
and you
come home.