By Just L
Date: 2014 Nov 16
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A Wife’s Tale

Some many months before he left me, and long before he drug out our divorce for six months for no good reason, my husband asked me, “Do you mind if I sell that one motorcycle jacket you never wear to my friend, so he can give it to his girlfriend for her birthday?” I was not opposed. After all, I had purchased myself many jackets I much preferred. Besides the jacket in question was purchased for a former girlfriend, and well, it never quite fit my style. And, as my husband put it, his friend did not have a lot of money, and his girlfriend did not have riding gear, and would really appreciate it. He would have to see if it fit her, and then would decide. The friend never came to the house, the jacket left my closet, and I never thought much about it except to ask if his friend’s girlfriend was happy with the gift. My husband assured me she was. Today, at a memorial for a member of the motorcycle community, I saw my husband’s new girlfriend wearing that very jacket. I hope she likes it. It's fitting.

Just L
November 15, 2014