By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2014 Nov 16
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Crazy leading the blind (2)

Slowly dying in the midst of the night,

darkness overshadows the sun, there's no more light

but when you smile to me, the world shines ever so bright

Was it really your magic that the sun and moon shined?

love makes no sense, at least most of the time.

head over heels ,I seem to have lost my mind.

Crazy leading the blind

your love is one of a kind

souls forever entwined

A kiss delivered and signed

Slowly dying and losing the will to fight,

Blinded by love, charmed by your hugs so tight,

My heart leads the way, my eyes lost their sight.

Is there ever logic? or is it just the crazy leading the blind?

was I ever yours? Were you ever to be mine?

in a world so cruel, in your arms I want to hide.

Crazy leading the blind

I am yours and you are mine ,

souls forever entwined

I found home tonight

home tonight