By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2014 Nov 16
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Crook (3)

You picked me
Like honey to the bee,
How it ends,
We shall  see

You started out as my friend,
but the rules that we make, we bend
I sometimes wonder if it will last,
My big heart fell for you so fast..
Then *boom* a  blast


You know you're a crook,
in my book, you've got something in your look...
give back what you took, my beating  heart on your hook

No no no
No no no

I know that you're afraid, karma's been paid,for all the harm that you have made..
I know that you have prayed, you don't get played, the way you got me swayed

No no no
No no no

You broke my heart,
with the games you start,
Turn these scars into art

My soul stolen,
a spirit broken
Words unspoken,
must be spoken..


I know I'm a crook,
a look is all that it took, tables have turned,
I got you on a hook

I know you're a crook, up to no good,
but I'm weak under your look,
my heart and soul you shook

let's take it slow,
Don't let me go
this love,
this glow,
it's ours you know