By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2014 Nov 27
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Zeroes And Ones, Zeroes And Ones

The entire ocean
becomes still,
without movement.
because you bring quiet
with you
for a singular moment.

I could have been your guiding light
if you just let me,
if you had let me.
we’re sitting here
staring up
at the night sky
in the middle of this city
and surrounded by something
(Can we ever really
un-know this?).

Drop your clothes
and surrender nakedly
to me.
Your body and soul
for me.

Let the night show you
what this was,
and also
what should have been.

You may have chose
to leave
and you chose
something else,
but turn out the lights
and you surrender
while I show you
what it’s like
to be
we combine
and spiritually
we collide)