By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2014 Nov 29
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Your love is like a tower, the higher I climb to claim your heart, the harder I fall into pieces apart.
Your love is like a spell, the more I fight to keep my distance, the more my life turns into passionate hell

Fix me, put back together this broken love, let the flying sparks start,
I never knew such mess could be caused by one cupid dart.

I am scared if I hold on to you, you would let me go,
I wouldn't wrap my arms around you, I wouldn't let you know,
How much I cherish and adore you so..
Don't over think things, just go with my rhythm, my flow.

Your love is like a tower but I can't find the key to the door,
And each time I unlock one, I find one more..
Put down your guard, my heart on my sleeve for you I wore,
When will you understand that your spell on me is stronger than before?

It's you I adore,
The one I care for,
Let's fall in love,
Set my flames higher,
Start who loves who more kind of war,
Because you're mine, on that we swore