By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2015 Jan 05
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Should there be

A fairytale we all loved to believe in, boy meets girls, boy falls in love and they get married. But I have come to be a bit more realistic after my first marriage failed. I have a list of qualities I want in that person and should they not exist then it just wasn’t meant to happen to begin with.
It is very important to know exactly what you want; there can be no more room for error in your life.
They ask me what I  look for in a man now. I simply say I stopped looking, however hould the opportunity present itself, I want him to be the kind of person that bows down in his prayers, that knows his Creator and shows appreciation to all the blessings he has. He should be patient when he is faced with a dilemma and for the smile to never part his face. I want him to dazzle people the way he handles himself and runs the conversation. He should be polite at all times, however firm when required.
My guy has to be self-made. I don’t want him relying on anyone’s help; I want him to be the kind of person that helps others. He needs to have a stable job or to have his own company. He needs to have at least one car and an apartment/ condo/ house in his name or mine haha.
Ambitious? Yes I am and I want him to have the same drive and I need to know he’s not with me for the money. We both have to be of the same level so we can both enjoy a peaceful life. He’s got his money and I’ve got mine.
Romantic but not in a boring lovey -dovey way, but rather by using creative yet simple methods to win my heart; sticky notes all over the house, home cooked meal ( oh and he needs to be a good cook), flowers to work…etc.
We need to share the same passion for at least 2 of these:  travelling, animals, gardening , photography, writing and humanitarian work.
I would love it if he spoke two or three languages. Having a dual nationality would also be amazing as it will make us equals in that department.
I love a guy with a fantastic sense of humor; if he can make me laugh, he can make me do pretty much anything.
I know a guy with all these characteristics is hard to find but I believe it is possible. In addition to a charming personality, he should have outstanding looks ;  Tall with broad shoulders, green eyes, black brownish hair, perfect white teeth, well built, square neat fingers, smells nice all the time and only has eyes for me.
I know what you’re thinking at this point. This girl has lost it, but truth be told I never got it until now. I am more than enough for me.