By Just L
Date: 2015 Jan 16
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Baby Girl

After a friend's break up she confessed that the thing she missed most was hearing "Baby Girl." At the time I did not understand this at all. Perhaps I've never been fond of the over-used "baby" or being called "a" girl. Still, I understood the sweet sentiment, and I loved her enough to make a point of texting my single friend "Good night, Baby Girl" now and again.

I have been charmed by a man who calls me "Darlin'," and I immediately settled on calling him my "Sweetheart." (Though one should know I didn't settle at all.)

As fate would have it, after a time, my sweetheart whispered "Baby Girl." *sigh* I melted. How could I have missed this? This is unheard of... Deeply tender. (Understandably this does not translate via text.) I did not know how sweet it was. That is, until I heard it myself.

Then again I do not believe the power lies in the words alone; it is in the man.

Just L
January 15, 2015