By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2015 Jan 16
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Just sing

I want to hear a song that I never heard before,
I want its rhythm  to shake me to my core. I want it to speak to me in not one but two,three languages and more,
To make my heart skip a beat like it's going to war.

I want a love so big that it unlocks any door.I want my soul to travel the world and to explore.To read a good book with my feet in the sand,sunbathing on the shore.
I want you next to me because it is your soul that I adore.

Let's play dare or truth, spin that bottle on the floor,
If I won ,I'll kiss you 4 times 4
If I loose ,I'll be the one you fall for.
I want you to sing like you never sang before,because you're a melody that moves me in ways I cannot ignore.

Your voice when you look at me and you start to sing ,you know you have a hold on me , you have me on a string.
Oh that joy that you bring, like a beautiful flower of spring
You know you'll always be my king just as long as you sing. So sing.