By twisted_lie
Date: 2015 Feb 21
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The only way this story is ever going to end is if one or both of us died. I am not strong enough to push you away and you are weak before my eyes. Stuck in this twisted cycle,we carry on dancing the same crazy dance. You spin me around in circles until I can no longer stand on my toes. Until I get lost in the motion of your arms around my soul. Embracing me like a dream that awakens every morning. Pieces of a jigsaw that fit perfectly but are never to touch. We are just part of a beautiful masterpiece. Beautiful to look at but very fragile and breakable. If sin had a name it would be you, if love had a face it would have yours and if our hearts could speak,they would tell our story. Forever mine and forever yours no matter who we belong to now. We will always have that. ALWAYS.