By Just L
Date: 2015 Feb 27
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Knocking on the Dawn Anew

I have been in love before; After all at my age, who hasn’t?
Some have entered like a storm, or had a particular appeal
Still others ran their course, and that was the end of that
I wasn’t prepared for the way my feelings for you
Literally snuck up on me building an appreciable wall
Of quiet understanding, loving kindness,
Along with an unimaginably tangible attraction
One I could not climb over nor dare hide behind
An appreciation of all that found us here
Entwined at this moment in our lives
I leaned in closer to find you did not move
In fact I was quite sure you did not want to
Feet remaining planted, head feeling a little giddy
You made room for me, all of me
Our hearts pounding steady; stronger
Than all that had come before
Not in spite of our pasts, perhaps to spite the myth
Of the one soul mate fairy tale I had long mourned
Radiating a truth I had not previously known
Except to appreciate my high value more than ever before
And I am willing to pay the price of patience
Meanwhile enjoying every moment
Recognizing how intricately solid and precious you are
Mindful I could make a life with you
Consciously embracing simply the next moment
Together; We are here

Just L
February 27, 2015