By Star of David
Date: 2015 Mar 01
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we spoke too much

all those words are
choking me now

I remember you kneeling
over me, your hand
on your belt
ready to unbuckle

slip off your jeans
and slip into bed
and even there
we were distracted by
old conversations –

I said lovemaking
could wait that time
and later

your words
flowing endlessly
didn't leave room
for skin touch –

our high flown conversations
that damned intellect

so many -isms when
more -asms
would have done
more good and left less hurt

racism fascism federalism
nothing escaped your
sharp mind and sharper tongue

we should have settled
for more orgasms

we were happier
drinking smoking
talking, talking, talking
too much in love
with the idea of ‘us’
our imagined fabulousness

next time no talking darling
mind fucks last too long.