By Just L
Date: 2015 Mar 31
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Luminous Reflection

I came from a great distance to find you
Over three mountains and around a bend or five
I stumbled upon you and it changed my life
In what now seems like a twinkle of an eye
I had nearly forgotten how luminous I am
Until I saw myself in your reflection
My laugh is again louder; Belly and shoulders softer
When I cover my eyes with the warmth of my hands
I see stars instead of a never-ending to do list
Tweaking little things, refined and yet not so defined
I don’t even have a plan for this!
Making it all that much more enjoyable
Let the Universe deviously plot my happiness
It is rather ingenious, inspired, and astonishing
Your rationale for loving me, suspiciously stylish

~Just L
March 31, 2015