By Jane Rain
Date: 2015 Apr 20
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Things and Stuff, Part 1

I miss waiting in his car at the gas station.

He'd start filling the car
then go inside to get a
Rockstar for him and a Diet Coke for me.
I'd watch him every time.
I don't think he knew this.
Sometimes I'd wonder
what it would be like if I didn't kno him.
Would I be as insanely attracted to him?
The answer was always an emphatic "yes!".
Most times I'd simply admire him.
I loved his wallet chain.
I loved whatever hoodie he'd wear that day.
I loved the familiar jingle of his keys.
I especially loved it when
he'd catch me staring
and he'd smile at me.
But every time
I'd reflect on how lucky I was.

It's things like this
little stupid moments we take for granted
that make it impossible
to let go.