By Just L
Date: 2015 Apr 26
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Once Upon A Time I Vowed

In response to BK's Vow Challenge:

We have waited so long for each other that we had begun to believe that there was no such thing as true love. That our lives would be lived out alone, that nothing precious would come in the form of a partner to love. Some of you surely doubted that someone could possibly exist who would put up with either one of us! Now that we have found each other the void in our hearts has now been filled with everlasting love, respect and laughter.

We wish to love each other for the rest of our lives; to wake up every morning by each other’s side, knowing that no matter what happens, we will always be able to come home to each other’s loving arms.

We expect to share everything, to talk about our ideas, our dreams, and the little everyday things that make us laugh and the not so little things that we can’t help worrying about.

We hope to give each other our love, as a place we can always come to for acceptance, or for comfort and understanding, even in silence.

We want the oneness we feel for each other to remain forever, for us to stay each other’s closest friend, our exactly matching mate.

This marriage represents our commitment to each other and our willingness to support and understand each other’s individuality and needs. For those of you who know us well, you know this will be no easy task!

Thank you for your presence. We are delighted you are here to celebrate with us.
I choose you, treasure of my heart and dearest companion
To be my partner, lover, and friend
To journey through life with you
Wherever it leads, whatever the outcome.

I will love, comfort and honor you
Through good times and bad
And all of my days.

~Just L
Declared in 2000 and destroyed over the next decade by addiction.... Still, I dare dream all these things are possible. (Posted on Love Blender April 26, 2015)