By Just L
Date: 2015 May 06
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A Vow of Sorts: An excerpt from a love letter

In response to BK's Vow Challenge. This is an excerpt from a letter written to my love. Could be a beginning...


As I noted not too long after [we met] I was entirely unprepared for our connection: "Rather lovely, silly, genuinely honest, and sexy to boot."

[This many] months later, quite truthfully, I am still a little amazed... And though we've settled into a routine as of late, and rarely discuss -- as there seems little need to -- our feelings for each other or wrangle over serious issues, I want you to know I still have all that early, sparkly attraction to you, I enjoy you, I admire you, I appreciate your generosity and caring, your instinct to protect me, your willingness to plan with me... I think you are an amazing man!

I am very much in love with you, and want to know you deeply and intimately -- increasing my ability to support your capacity to simply be your best "you" with me. Giggling but also being the guardian of your solitude, so-to-speak.


I am, at this marker, cognizant that now is not the time to become complacent, and I hope you will communicate how I may increase your happiness... Each day, and as we navigate future days.

~Just L
May 6, 2015