By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2015 May 10
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Haiku-hyonaku-whatever :0)

always love You.
No haiku, no hyonaku
(whatever those are?

Just plain and simple:
I love YOU!

YOU don't still believe it.
That someone loves YOU
like this...

When I put here the "poem" about your Beard...
The next day, on your Facebook-wall, was a NEW photo
of you:
Your beard even extensive. On your head
a HUGE motorcyclist helmet. Before your eyes Diving-glasses!

Combine these two elements: Motorcycling and going under water??

Oh, KIM!

Your absurd humour
once more made me laugh
over and over again... :0)!

UH. Do you know how much you hurt me with this...?