By Just L
Date: 2015 May 17
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Asea in the Alphabet

I make up word vignettes in an attempt to describe the feelings I have for my love, and my thoughts about us. Knowing my words continually fall flat compared to the texture of this crazy stupid joy combined with a still deeper sentiment that is seriously non-sentimental. I contemplate my inability to articulate any of this with my limited vocabulary, wishing instead I were an artist of another medium with a fuller range of colors. Alas I settle for swimming in this vast ocean of an ordinary life in which I can clearly be seen -- vulnerable and drowning in a simple broth of alphabet soup, risking my heart like shark bait. There is nothing elegant about this at all; yet, it is all the beauty I possess. Concomitantly unsettled and comforted by my life experiences and literary limitations, I exhale and sink deeper still.

-Just L
May 17, 2015