By Just L
Date: 2015 Jul 13
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Shopping for a new door wreath

I am in the lavender field, spinning
My brain says, “S-l-o-w down”
My heart whispers, “Never you mind...”
I’m thinking about setting up house
Perhaps grass in the yard for the very first time
A home where there is a his and a mine
Someplace the hot tub bubbles as much as our laughter
And, the bbq sends smoke signals of happily ever after
A quiet, safe place to love and to land
I might even cook if he’d give me a hand

(I’m certain our styles would mix quite fine; I promise not to steal your plates; and I think restaurant white is divine)

I wouldn’t make him learn to enjoy wine
Or change any other stupid thing couples find
But he might have to agree my snoring is especially sweet
And kiss me goodnight every night of the week
Yet it is way too soon to share this rhyme
With anything more than the page
So just you never you mind...
Back to searching for the ring of perfect vine.

~Just L
Written April 22, 2015
Published July 13, 2015