By Just L
Date: 2015 Sep 01
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Been Around the Block

Watching him drive from the passenger side the scenery passed by as quickly as my age. I am not a young woman, and there was nothing elegant about traveling this particular stretch. My torso was casually twisted toward him as we engaged in breezy conversation. And then, a single thought abruptly captured me more effectively than a seat belt in a collision -- He could be my first love. A hundred lovers and a thousand questions crossed my mind in less time than it took to travel one mile. I am unsure how my body betrayed me in that moment but I felt vulnerable as if my whole life story was being projected between us. His furrowed brow posed a question I was not prepared to answer. I felt heat rise up my neck and flood my cheeks. I bit my lip at the realization, and quickly turned to look out my window as to not give myself away.

~Just L
September 1, 2015