By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2015 Sep 04
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Aylan Kurdi

He said mama, I am packing my things, I am ready to leave..
Across the oceans and the waves of the seas..
Mama, I am ready for my new life, you better believe
But as the waves hit me, I felt relief..

Run ,she said, to water,it is saver than the land we live on,
If you stay here,you'll be killed,they'll shoot you with a gun..

Run to safety,they'll find you  and take you in,
But we live in a world of devils & sin

Mama, If you find me please don't cry, it was never my intention to drown and die

Mama please tell them I tried, but my body was too weak to fight the tide..

Run to safety but they never looked & no one took me in,
Mama you were mistaken, humanity died because as I was drowning, they were taking pictures of my wrinkled skin. .

I told God about the cruel things they did,
Water in my lungs, they forgot I am just a kid!

Oh mama I found my resting bed, tomorrow my picture will be in newspapers " a Syrian enfant  by the shores of Turkey found dead"

RIP Humanity.