By Adrian
Submitted by Just L
Date: 2015 Sep 20
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It All Goes Away With You

HOW sweet your voice can be
I know
For sure. I'm going to miss
When you go
Not just a kiss
It's all that flows
Inside my mind:

OH beautiful mother
Of Two
There are those
Among us
Who have touched
Your skin, your lips
And now realize
How precious
Your LIFE is;

(Who is not to cry
In your arms
After seeing light
In your eyes);

OH pretty lady
You stand so fine
Your body and mind
I wish I could
Steal you and fly
To lovers land

Ever since I walked
Next to you
Your dream
Has been
Coming back to me
And it's so fine
So real
I could follow you
For a hundred years
My emotions
Have just begun
But now I close my eyes
You will be gone
So far
So close you are
Inside my heart:

(You stand alone
And steal the power
Of those who want
To be your lover)

Good Bye
My Love
It all goes
Away with YOU.


Handwritten by Adrian for me, Just L, August 1992

It started with a walk and ended when I moved from La Jolla to Oregon. He would have followed me anywhere on earth... Alas, I said "No" and he returned to Mexico City.