By Jane Rain
Date: 2015 Oct 29
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I can stop with the
superstitious behaviours.
No more holding my breath
until my lips go numb
while driving through tunnels..
And even after I drive through the tunnel.
Just in case.
I can change my contact lenses..
The ones I used to see him with
in "the before time".
I can put his "friend" back in the fridge.
His "friend" being an unopened
can of soda he intended to drink,
but instead left on my nightstand
almost a year ago.
I can stop looking for a glimpse
of a star through the clouded nite sky.
Sure, I can stop,
but these things have become a part of
my daily life.
I even catch myself wishing for the wish
that came true.
All it took was
one year
two months
and ten days
of rituals.