By Just L
Date: 2016 Feb 17
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Close and So Far

Now this for certain I know
I don't understand how to just date
If it requires holding back
How many "I love yous" does it take?
How long does one wait?
To be included in holidays
Not excluded from celebrations
Eagerly introduced to everyone
Yet the one on perpetual delay
And in other matters I have no say
How often are questions ignored?
(As if I don't notice this tactic.)
Our deepest secrets shared
Or have we even dared?
Why again does marriage scare?
Not that I'm asking...
I know there was once a proposal
Some were purposely ineligible
And I have been more than gullible
Are you interested in intimacy?
Do you really see me?
What do you dream of for heaven's sake?
I don't know how to do part way
Or half in, as they say
Perhaps someday
But not today
Not even close
So far away

~Just L
February 17, 2016