By Just L
Date: 2016 Apr 27
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But who's counting?

670 days ago you spotted me downtown strolling in that long summer red dress. 534 days since our first date and subsequent whirlwind romance where we "slipped briskly into an intimacy from which [we] never recovered." (F. Scott Fitzgerald) 950,400 seconds later I first tasted your mouth. One month and a day later you told me you were falling in love with me. One year, four months minus 4 days since I first told you I loved you under the New Year stars. 307 days ago we shared an exquisite storm and silly laughs with your boy on a dusty trail. 8 months since I knew that I knew that I knew I could build a lifetime with you. 186 days since we chewed on cheese sandwiches under the sun in the city park before a concert. 140 days ago we celebrated your nerves reconnecting, long after sparks flew between us. 78 days later I can still recall you looking at me with those most endearingly kind, googly eyes. But who's counting?

~Just L (April 27, 2016)