By Marshall R. M. Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2016 May 26
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My Lovely

I pull down your jeans
and panties/
you have a hot, sweet taste;
you're a perfect sky&we laugh,
so please hold me,
'cause that's all any of us want>

How shy and sweetly reluctant to spread your legs
you were.
I almost laugh at the memory now
as I open you up
to me,
for me.

Panties down
and dress up,
lovely, beauty that's somehow separate from
the idiocy that circles me incessantly,
let the sunlight cover your body
as I take you
from behind
and make your dress into a belt,
an afterthought,
when your perfect breasts
bounce in a blur
in the sunlight,
naked and there for all the world
to envy
like me
when I have

I take you

(The green of the earth
keeping your legs rooted to the earth
as they shake,
as they tremble)

so come,
come to

we separate
the minute mindlessness
from the justice
and we cry,
we weep.

The ground
is not deep enough.

I'll make you

She's not an "an",
so keep that in mind.