By Marshall R. M. Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2016 May 26
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I do apologize, but when the time comes,
I will almost certainly open my door to you
after this month of absence,
kiss you, rip your pants down to your ankles
and taste you,
then fuck your soul, if such a thing exists,
right out of you.  

I doubt I'm capable of doing anything else
other than grasping your body,
pressing it against mine
and saying "I miss you."

I'll lick your smirking thighs;
Your breasts will bow
to my body:
I'll make you

I'll make you

Fuck me, child of sweet innocence,
unknowing unkindness.

Be full of desire,
for I am full of desire
for you.

I think that I may need you,
I might need you.

I am, at all times,
ready to hear what you have to say
about the world,
I am open
to you,
for you.

i NEED you.

(Let's coalesce