By Just L
Date: 2016 Jun 12
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Whew, that was close!

Fluffy white parachutes dancing above skating Gerridae
Future-funk GRIZ our soundtrack on this sunny day
"I'm looking forward to seeing you again. You make me smile."
Squinting into the setting sun, I sipped my Saison from the straw
Investigating the bank for the perfect agate to avoid his gaze
Curling my toes knees hugged in tight; ankle deep I am swept away
Not by the wild and rushing river, but when I hear him say,
"I need you to stop looking for excuses for this not to work."
Just as "I feel the love, and I ain't got no worry" played
My stomach did a flip and I spit my sour cider out of my nose
Expertly dodging the incoming kiss... Whew that was close!

~Just L (June 10, 2016)