By Just L
Date: 2016 Jun 30
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Foolishly Entering Another

Out and about firm in your decision
Freedom feels oh so glorious, that you are certain
Without a doubt secure in the rationalization
Until that very moment you enter another
Pushing past the garrison, claiming your win
Only the strangely unfamiliar is suddenly unsatisfying
In the dawn it feels entirely wrong
In the victory, your mistake comes to fruition
You realize you foolishly played with her heart
Oh not her, my dear, but the one before
And your own you didn't know until now meant so much more
So many sweet, vulnerable, promising moments wasted
Abandoned for some reason you cannot justify
Your ego led you somewhere you don't even want to be
But you don't have to explain it to me
I already saw it coming

~Just L (June 6, 2016)