By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2016 Jul 09
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You just have to be YOU

You don't have to change.

Well... Maybe cahnge some of the things you DO...

I have loved You AS YOU AARE since 1997,
and I still do!

We all make mistakes.
My daughter confronted last week me of abanonded her going to Madeira in 1985. She said it had been a maintask with her Psyhkoterapist for a long time.
I have asked her several times in the years past: "Do you remember when I was at Madeira? Have you bad memories about it?" - She always answered: "Well. I remember it slightly. I don't have exceptionally bad memories about it."
But the Past comes to you years after...

Sidepath (as usual for Ria).

The main thing.: You just have to be YOU - With ME