By Marshall R. M. Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2016 Jul 13
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Leather skirt,
long thighs,
skinny beauty
writhing disjointedly,
with mountains shaking
and hips calling

You climb the music and grind
the soul of Twilight,
you won't go down
into the dark,
you won't wake
from this dream.

I won't abandon,
I don't forsake
if you're of a morally sound constitution;
I'd do anything
to keep you

I would miss you
as no other could
if you are the one
who can stand
even when everything else
has fallen down.

The miracle worker
on the ocean
and in the tombs
of this little slice
of the Milky Way:

I'd take your breasts
and your ribs,
your peaks
and valleys
into my version of humanity

I'd let my fingers roam
over every part of your body
until I understood every beautiful dip
and every imperceptibly wrinkling inch
of your skin.

I'd find my way out of this self-imposed silence
for the zeroes and ones,
and ones.