By Marshall R. M. Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2016 Aug 30
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Untitled For Now (August 30, 2016, 5:30 AM)

What is duty?
What is  
or will?
I resolve to be a hopeless case.

I found an empty case,
I found a loveless girl,
I got a luckless love,
now I know
it's just another fuck,
'cause I'm old enough.

I'm growing old
and beauty remains young,
full of elasticity and ignorance,
all dressed in her Sunday best.

I gain wrinkles in my mind
and my bones begin to creak,
I learn that it is just  
to be disgusted
by this deserving rabble,
this endless parade
of comedic disgrace.

I've got a message for you,
a dirty bouquet for you;
when the years catch up to you,
when the wings
are clipped from your back:

are not the everything you will have imagined.
Most of you are insane
and terrifyingly believe yourselves inane
Like Pandora opening her box
you leave contained
that which you need


I give to you, yourselves
that I have nothing.

I bestow my knowledge
of this gaping nothingness
upon your desperately welcoming heads.

I have the benefit of experience,
of knowing that it's futile
and I give it all


I become the horrors of yourself
that you can't see
and I attach myself
to your eyes
(If I must make you blind
before you see,
then i'll dig my claws into your beautiful blue oceans
and i'll die for all your sins,

i'd die,
i'd die,
i'll die
for you.

I'll die,
I'll die,
I'd die