By Marshall R. M. Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2016 Oct 18
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Coffee And Conversation

People are a plague
to my mind,
to my soul
and I can't escape them
with how the world works,
so I'll have to swallow
their bullshit today
and tomorrow
or tomorrow's tomorrow
I'd rather be alone,
I'd like it if I never saw
another human being
ever again,
I'd feel complete
if every living thing
just dissolved into spacetime
and left the moments that I inhabit.

you disgust me the least,
little child,
insignificant horror,
you make me the least sick
out of everyone
that I have encountered
so far,
you're the most beautiful thing
that I have seen
thus far,
but fuck them, stand tall
and curve strongly,
I'm tired,
put out the fires,
boy, put out the fire,
woman, put out my fire,
I'll bury it and exhume it
when something truly worthwhile
comes by.