By Marshall R. M. Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2016 Oct 18
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Trumped (Learn What White Is In The 21st Century)

What cause
is worth dying for?
What cause is worth
offering up one's own life
like a lamb to the slaughter
in these days
of listlessness
and simplified lust,
half-baked idiocy
blindly supporting the very manifestation
of narcissism, materialism, superficiality, gracelessness,
inimitable simplicity, and horrifying disgrace
in human form
with eyebrows raised
and eyes twinkling with outrage
at every perceived slight
(130 million people somehow
standing behind
the very manifestation
of complete love
for one's

Where is reason
and where is beauty,
where is a sanctuary
from the ugliness
that drips like some ghastly oil
from his mouth.

She's a bitch and
she's a whore,
he's a liar
and he's a traitor
that knows nothing
about The King
(In the mind of a mindless man
I worry that we might become lost,
that we might become the drivel
that leaks from his lips
if we continue to allow ourselves
to be exposed.

Might we not become
the thing that we laugh at
and attribute to an accident of history
if we continue to let him speak

to let him sunder everything about him
without prejudice,
sullying anything that comes near him,
making black
that which once was

Millions upon millions
upon millions
break each other's necks
to hold him up yet further
towards the heavens,
bodies upon dead bodies
attempting to lift him up to the
House of White.

Martyrs for the cause,
you bitch,
sit down,
you're good for the cameras,
but now that I've won
you're only good for being on your knees
and...well, shut up
and take my cock down your throat
while I rape the world
and laugh all the while
with my portrait on the wall
of this White House.