By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2016 Nov 02
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I'm a gypsy

I'm a gypsy with flowers in my hair,
Playful with no care in the world,
I'm a gypsy , they stop to stare,
I shine so bright, I'm a burning flare.
I'm a gypsy I travel everywhere,
I planted tulip seeds here and there, love me or leave me if you dare,
But gypsies never stay in one place so beware.
A slave to the music, 
A slave to the sound,
I take you on a journey,
As we dance round and round.
I'm a gypsy, all in love and war is fair,
I can shelter your heart or break it and disappear 
I'm a gypsy; I'll leave you living on a prayer,
Once with a gypsy, your heart's beyond repair.
I'll be your secret,your only love affair
I am soft and delicate, so please take care,
A flower with thorns,of that  beware
I travel everywhere,
I always come prepared,
My love is suicidal,it's an electric chair
Because I'm a gypsy and a home I crave.