By Just L
Date: 2016 Nov 05
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There is no sympathy for a woman’s life that appears swell

I find being single and dating at age 53 confusing as hell

There is no sympathy for a woman's life that appears swell

While receiving multiple "Good morning beautiful" texts is quite sweet

I am too guarded to be swept off my feet

Tonight I treated myself to an early dinner of wine and duck confit

Meanwhile three men fight over the view at the bar where I sit

I know I am a catch, extremely smart and a striking tall beauty

Some would love to have my problem, but call me crazy

The truth is juggling multiple offers gives me high anxiety

A woman such as myself doesn't expect anyone's sympathy

Of course, I just wanna die with the one I love beside me*

Yet, I have no idea how to evaluate who this should be

I don't have time to date this many suitors, but who do I tell?

So, to comfort myself, on the way home I stopped for Taco Bell.

~Just L (November 3, 2016)

Author's Note: *
"Just wanna die with the one I love
Beside me"
is a line from "Honey Come Home" by The Head and the Heart.