By Just L
Date: 2016 Dec 26
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That Time Had Come

And that time had come to step up as a couple, or at least close friends, or fade away as was frequently done;

I was feeling confidently in control of everything I had allowed in. My guarded heart would have to be hard won.

He dared to tell me about his parents passing -- the Vietnam soldier and the mother who couldn't keep her grasp;

The Maternal grandmother who still, to this day at 91, held them all in her lap.

A dozen years later the strong men and women he and his siblings had become â€" caring, loyal and heart connected, overcoming their disjointed (Paternal) past;

A courageous series of small tasks that multiplied their fight to ensure true love lasts.

And after some serious exchanges and silly retorts, along with a few spontaneous snorts, he dared to tell me a secret longing he had kept inside.

I am certain he had calculated the risk: After all, I could remain hyper vigilant, or no more distant than the gift, heart open wide.

I at once felt acutely awake, comfortably present, and more than surprised. Well...

Had he tipped the scales of more shared intimacy together? Only time will tell.

~Just L (December 15, 2016)