By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2017 Jan 05
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This is not a poem.

We often think, that to have adventures, you must travel to far away countries. Well. I have had them everywhere.

When I hitch-hiked in Europe with my boyfriend back-and forth to Rome 1970. When we hitch-hiked to England and Ireland 1971. - I could write 2 books of those journeys.

When I went to see my parents in Spain (they were there 3 months for several winters). I went by myself to many places there. Most I remember a bus journey to Gibraltar.

When I went to Riva del Garda by myself. I could write a book of that week also. Sooo much happened.

I have had a Dream since the 1980ties: To see the Himalayas. Of course not a tourist journey. A Ria-journey: Going by my instinct. Carpe diem. Going with the flow. And by that Adventure comes to me!