By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2017 Feb 23
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This is one of the weird phases I go through. I tend to self destruct. At this point I am shedding layers of emotions I did not know even existed.
I am not ashamed to talk about it because it is how I feel right now.
It is all part of the healing process they said.
The emptiness I feel is like an echo, I have no idea where it's coming from but it keeps coming back.  
Maybe I tend to bottle everything up but I was never good with words.
I feel like curling up beneath the sheets and surrendering to sleep for an eternity. All I needed was time, but time turned out to be the most expensive request.

My heart is strangled on a desert and the beats it gives out, are like a mirage of an oasis... They immediately stop as soon as my heart realises there's nothing out there.
You see for some of you I am a comfortable stop;I shower you with happy vibes but for this one particular person I am home..and it felt good to be decorated with love.
But sadly, like every owner of any property sometimes you are forced to sell your most valued possessions.

I suddenly turned from a happily decorated home into an old abandoned house.
I miss being owned if it makes any sense to you.