By Just L
Date: 2017 Mar 03
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Is this what love is made of or does it seem absurd?

Strolling along without a care in the world. Flowers dance and leaves unfurl. Sun on the face and breeze at the back. Heart full, there is no lack. It could have happened anywhere. The taste of anticipation in the air. Seduced by confident silence, and the scent of cloves. Enjoying entwined hands and toes. Eyes sparkly as diamonds in the light. The joy of finding something precious one glorious night. Devouring each other in a frenzy. The object of every couple's envy. Fearlessly reaching for the Divine. Lines blurred between thine and mine. Bodies pressed together coo as sweetly as singing birds. Is this what love is made of or does this seem absurd?

~Just L (March 2, 2017)