By Corinna2017
Date: 2017 Mar 22
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I can't save you from the battle you have inside.
Only you can do that.
You mask your sorrow with whiskey and pride.
But I can't do that.

I've seen you laugh and I've seen you cry
I've watched you live and I've seen you die.
But when does the sorrow end?
When do u stop trying to pretend?

Stop pretending it's me that's the cause of this all.
Stop telling yourself that I'm the break of your fall.
I can't watch fingers over my eyes.
I can't live in this world full of heartache and lies.

Ive loved you so long that I lost all of me.
I've given so much but you still just don't see.
No matter what words I say...they are like daggers in you.
You want me to be honest but can't stand the truth.

But I'm going to give it to you anyway
I'm going to give it to you good
I'll give you what you need today
Just like a good girlfriend should

But here's the problem love ... that just isn't right
Why should I be the only one to try to make a change
It doesn't matter what was said or did last night
When we wake in the morning all the problems will have stayed

So please don't resent me...don't hold a grudge.
Don't think I don't care for you or that This is an attack
Just sometimes it takes more than saying promises or the word love.
It's all in what you physically do how u act

You will always have my heart. My ear. My shoulder to cry on.
We are more than just another broken couple we are friends that'll last
You gave me 2 beautiful girls and many memories to look back on
But sometimes what molds our future is what we leave in the past.

I wanted nothing more than for this to work.
But how can I just sit here waiting watching you quickly spiral down
So I hope you have no hard feelings...don't think I'm a jerk.
But I have to move forward...but I promise...I will always be around.

I love you joe.
I think I care above and beyond
I need to let u go
So u can reach inside u and fix what's wrong