By Jane Rain
Date: 2017 Apr 07
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I didn't know how much you would
take from me,
but we were broken and didn't know it.
It seems that things,
they could've been different
and I'd know what to do
if I just knew what's coming.
Something's gone, you withdraw
and I'm not strong like before.
I can't keep it all together when
where we've been has left us burned.

Tell the truth for once just this time
cause I've been alone,
my faith turned to stone.
It's gonna take a long time
to grow young again.

There's every good reason
for letting you go.
You let me down, I said it.
Still there's something in you
I believe in.
This whole thing's gone way too deep.
Can we talk about tomorrow
and the promise that it brings?
I want to show you how it ends.