By Jane Rain
Date: 2017 Apr 22
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Giving Up

It's unlike me to be
the strong, silent type.
I'm prone to calling early in the A.M.
about a dream that meant something,
but only ever to me.
The thought always crosses my mind
to buy a couple of croissants
(from Sweetheart's, of course)
and drive to your new place
to share breakfast, and maybe a smile.
I can't tell you how much
restraint it's taken to not
ask you to another movie
(I still haven't seen Get Out...)
or to not ask if you'd like to
rent a boat from that place
you told me about
and head out on the water with a picnic
for us and the ducks.
There's always something, but
I've come to the conclusion that
none of these things would matter to you.

I'm too old for games,
but still too young to not care.